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BEVOLVE Ltd. is a company that brings great investment properties to serious investors who are ready to move quick and need a power team to look for the deals that they are interested in. 


Our team is very active and searches for deals across the country, all of which must meet our strict criteria before we will consider passing them to investors.

We have great relationships with estate agents through-out the country and as a direct result of this we often get informed of great properties before they even hit the open market.

We regularly get offered properties at discounted rates for a quick sale, land development  opportunities and properties in need of refurbishment at seriously reduced prices.



The first step of the process is to understand the customer's needs and expectations.

We will arrange a consultation call where we discuss about the type of deals the investor is looking for, profit margins and expected return of their money invested (ROI). We will discuss in detail about what kind of services they require, inlc. project management and tenanting, desired location, in what position they are in and how fast they can move from the moment we secure the deal. 

The consultation call is the best opportunity the investor has to discuss what he needs help with and to understand what type of services we can provide to meet his expectation. 



After the consultation, we will agree the terms and conditions . timelines until when we will deliver the required deal and finalise deposit payments. Once this process is completed we will start looking for the specific deal the investor is looking for. 


We normally set a timeline of 90 days in order to deliver the deal required. 

Providing the deal meets the criteria we will also carry out our detailed due diligence on the property, which would involve the following as a minimum : 

We will speak to multiple local letting agents and other investors to check on rental demand, rental income, competition in the area and get their thought on the property and location. If we get any sense the local agents think the location is poor and the property will struggle to let then we simply walk away. We will never pass a property if we are aware of any future issues with regard's to rental demand.

We will confirm that the property is a great price, we will check comparable properties in the area, check various online resources to verify true market value and check what else is for sale nearby. Sometimes if the deal stacks up we are happy to pay the asking price providing the deal is providing great returns.

For HMOs, we will obtain estimated quotes from our builders for the conversion costs to make the property compliant with licensing rules. These quotes are estimated only and should never be mistaken for a final figure for conversion.

We will confirm with the local authority the license fee (if required).

Only once we’re sure the property is a great investment will we will then pass the deal to our investors.


Remember if we wouldn't purchase the property for our own portfolio, we would not pass it to an investor.



After we found the deal, we will have a phone call or a zoom call to run you through the property details, ROI Figures, Pictures etc. If you want to proceed we will send over Terms of sale and an invoice for the finder's fee.

Once we received the signed terms of sale and payment we then arrange a skype call to disclose full property details.

We then instruct the selling agents who the buyer is via email. The purchase process goes through as a normal sale .

If no other services were required, as project management and tenanting, we will take a step backwards and let you deal directly with the agent


We will follow-up with the investor until completion to ensure everything is going well. We are on hand to assist with any issues which may arise throughout the sale process up to completion.

If you would like our recommendation’s for solicitor and mortgage brokers we are happy to provide these to our customer.

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